A Dedication

It blossomed like a bud that bloomed in the dew.

When presented with petals you gave their perfume.

They glow far away from the cold winter’s gloom,

Stemmed from the stalk of a plant there are few.


An unknown plant, be it snowdrop or bluebell?

Its form overshadowed by dark spiky shrub

A shame that it may be reduced to a shrub.

It’s unable to flower, so we cannot tell.


But it was replanted into some fresh soil,

Responded to the warmth that it needed

Know to respect every plant that is seeded.

Restore its leaves from their former turmoil.

The sensuous satin of free flowing flower

Now restored to its predestined glory,

Burns red and gold and tells its own story.

Mysteriousness exerts a strong power.


Undulating in wind and changing in hue

From spring to summer, from blushes to blushes

Intertwining stem reaches gracefully high,

Keeps stretching on, and never to die

Above the still water, obscured by the rushes

Into the sky of pervading dark blue.


This specimen isn’t a usual flower,

Producing a scent, ethereal perfume

Because it knew the Rhododendron’s plume,

Whose leaves are present at every dark hour.


Its vibrant shades of purple, red, white

Compliment the display of passiflora,

Creating a brighter atmosphere for her,

A frenzy of heat generates light.


At the height of season, one will bear fruit,

The other remains with tentacle leaves,

Which are viewed as a farmer views his sheaves

Or a renowned musician views his flute.


In the end the gardener comes to tend.

All change and some plants must be plotted elsewhere,

Though they’ll harmonize through the bees of the air

All in the garden their bloom will transcend.


You opened the bud that bloomed in the dew

Now Eden’s core, revealed by the snake

Reflected as clear in the silvery lake.

All the scent of the petals I give to you,

The blood tears that showed up the sky’s naive blue,

I gather, preserve and devote them to you.


About Delia Stanway

I am an English Literature graduate and musician from Manchester. My main interests are literature, theatre, circus, classical music, nature and ice skating. I enjoy singing, playing the piano and writing about anything and everything.
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